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>>4-hour Coaches and Athletes Clinic

4-hour Coaches and Athletes Clinic


NEARLY A $1000 VALUE BONUS: A complete 15-disc STT DVD set and seven Coach and Athlete Guides will be included with the 4-hour Coaches and Athletes Clinic.

Inquire if continuing education credits may be offered.

Email Coach Taylor for available dates, locations and other pertinent details.CLICK HERE TO READ POTENTIAL COACHES CLINIC CLASS DESCRIPTIONS.CLICK HERE TO READ HOSTING SITE BENEFITS AND REQUIREMENTS.*Plus travel expenses: flight, rental car, gas, lodging, meals, etc.


Product Description

Take the Coaches Clinic up another level by adding a hands-on learning and team building session with the 4-hour Coaches and Athletes Clinic. Provide an opportunity for your team to develop as a group through a classroom lecture and team development exercises, as well as sport-appropriate drills that show you how to take “book knowledge” and practically apply it to your next practice. The 4-hour session offers a 2-hour Coaches Clinic, 1-hour of Team Building Exercises and a 1-hour Sport-Appropriate Conditioning Session. Each aspect of this clinic is tailored to the organization’s individual needs. Topics discussed during the Coaches Clinic segment may include:
• Muscular Strength
• Cardiovascular Fitness
• Body Composition
• Performance Flexibility
• Sports Nutrition
• Skill Development
• Speed Development
• Rest and Recovery


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