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>>Alternative Conditioning: A Coach’s and Player’s Guide

Alternative Conditioning: A Coach’s and Player’s Guide


The programs and workouts in this guide will help individuals and teams alike improve their conditioning. Conditioning is an essential part of improving overall gameplay. By implementing a progressive year round conditioning program, you work to ensure that your conditioning best meets the way you play the game.

This guide has been developed to share successful year round conditioning programs. Within these pages, coaches and players alike will find the information needed to reach their conditioning potential. We will help you work on cardiovascular efficiency through several progressive training modalities and programs.The Alternative Conditioning: A Coach’s and Player’s Guide features 60 progressive workouts that can be implemented in your program.

This manual allows you to choose the appropriate alternative conditioning program to supplement your current training, add variety to your program and/or to allow athletes incapable of participating in your standard program an opportunity to improve their fitness level.

If the 60 progressive workouts weren’t enough, STT has included a 12-week Heart Rate Training program that Coach Taylor has presented about world wide as a BONUS PROGRAM.


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“Rob Taylor’s Alternative Conditioning: A Coach and Player’s Guide is an awesome addition to your library! If you’re looking for new and creative ways to turn up the heat in your workouts, this is a must have.” – Casey Noble, Director of Training at Catalyst Fitness

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