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>>Basketball Conditioning: A Coach’s and Player’s Guide

Basketball Conditioning: A Coach’s and Player’s Guide


Basketball is a game that requires a significant level of conditioning. No matter how great any player may be or even how great the team as a whole may be, if your opponents are more agile, stronger, faster, and fitter than you are, the results you get from each game are going to be disappointing.

With this in-depth program, every player on your team will be fit and ready to offer peak physical performance. Images will help ensure that you have the drills necessary to work on cardiovascular conditioning, metabolic conditioning, agility, shooting, ball handling, and more. You can be certain that your players and your teammates will be able to stand up to the challenges of a long and active basketball season.

The Basketball Conditioning: A Coach’s and Player’s Guide features 70 pages of basketball appropriate training drills, exercises, tips and techniques. Proper conditioning reduces the risk of injuries significantly, as well as improving individual and team playing abilities.

If the 70 pages of basketball appropriate conditioning drills, exercises, tips and techniques wasn’t enough, STT is offering THREE BONUSES TOO: “12 Week Shooting Program”, “Basketball Ball Handling Drills” and “Basketball Dribbling Drills.”


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What people are saying about this guide from STT:

“As a coach and trainer you can never stop learning. The Basketball Conditioning Guide will help me take my team to the next level. Thank you STT!” – Jared Steele

“The Basketball Conditioning Guide from STT has some of the best conditioning exercises I have seen and I have been around the game for close to 30 years.” – Nathan Thompson

“We have already began implementing the exercises in the Basketball Conditioning Guide into our summer workouts. I can’t wait to incorporate more of the drills once preseason begins! I was surprised with the in-depth explanations of the various shooting and ball-handling exercises. We are always looking for new and challenging ways to push our team. This guide is perfect for that. Very good information! Thanks again STT.” – Jesse McMillan

“The Basketball Conditioning Guide from STT is great! I will be incorporating this program into our conditioning workouts this year.” – Lance Egnatz

“Once again SMARTER Team Training offers an amazing product! The Basketball Conditioning: A Coach’s and Player’s Guide has both conditioning and skill drills that are so practical and also so varied that it is pretty much giving you a year long plan.” – Justin Davis MS, NASM-CPT

“STT’s Basketball Conditioning Guide is full of very good conditioning drills that keep my players working on their fundamentals. These drills will help any player improve not only their conditioning, but also their skills in shooting, dribbling, and even defensive quickness.” – Johnathon Yates

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