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>>Rest And Rejuvenation: A Coach’s and Player’s Guide

Rest And Rejuvenation: A Coach’s and Player’s Guide


Rest and rejuvenation is just as important as any other element in your strength and conditioning program. More often than not, it is how the athlete schedules and applies these strategies that help them achieve their physical goals. As an athlete, one of your greatest challenges will be getting enough rest and adequate recovery so that you are able to make steady gains from your lifting and running programs.

The topics discussed in the Rest and Rejuvenation: A Coach’s and Player’s Guide will add to your recovery strategy knowledge with tips and techniques used at the highest levels of competition. Work with your players or use the guide yourself. You will be amazed by the improvements you make by Incorporating the information in this guide consistently into your training program.

This guide will help individuals and teams alike improve both their strengths and their weaknesses. Rest and rejuvenation are an essential part of improving overall gameplay and can help players greatly improve their strength and conditioning as well as their skill potential.


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“The Rest and Recovery Guide is for more than just coaches and athletes. It can help you lead a more active lifestyle every day! Everybody gets tired and needs rest. This guide offers simple tips that are perfect for anyone looking to improve their body.” – Jarrett Ragon

“The routines and pictures provided in the Rest and Recovery Guide were very helpful. I plan to print them out to use as a daily reference. I especially liked the stretch band section. I look forward to using the advanced stretching progressions.” – Cameron Yick

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