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Glute Or Quad Dominant During The Squat

The squat has been one of the most heavily used strength training exercises in athletics, fitness, competitive weight lifting, and exercise across the board for many, many years. No matter the goal of an individual's exercise - get stronger, increase athletic performancee, lose weight, etc. - squatting is a go to movement in all arenas. [...]

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What Type Of Power Do You Need?

Power is defined as the relationship between work being done in a given amount of time. Mathematically, it is quite simply P = W/t. Work can be defined with the relationship between force and distance, as well as the angle of application of the work. As a mathematical equation it looks like this: W = [...]

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Define Your Role

John Shackleton is the strength and conditioning coach for Villanova Basketball and has been a part of successful sporting campaigns fueled by positive energy and supported by accountability. While the little things and everyday tasks are very important to him, Coach Shack believes that defining his role through a mission statement is a key element, [...]

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Acceleration Mechanics

The terms velocity and acceleration are two very different things. In the video below, Jim Kielbaso - President/CEO of the International Youth Conditioning Association - explains why understanding the difference between the two is of the utmost importance when developing speed in athletes. By definition, the term velocity refers to a fixed pace, unchanging for [...]

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Protein Value And USDA Standards

Big supplement brands try to get away with as much as possible when it comes to labelling and marketing. It can be hard for the consumer to discern what is and is not a good product. Mark Glazier gives some insight into what is required of supplement companies standard wise by the USDA and how [...]

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Be Focused And In The Moment

In the field of strength and conditioning, sports performance, or personal training it is of utmost importance to make sure your clients/athletes are in the right mental state and ready to work. In this video Mason Baggett talks about some of the ways he likes to keep his athletes focused and in the moment. One [...]

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When To Superset When Strength Training

Supersetting is a commonly used tool in strength training. Doug Scott teaches his high-school athletes to forego supersets while performing compound movements such as the deadlift, which is strenuous all on its own. This could be a good way to get kids comfortable with the deadlift initially, ensuring that they are performing one movement correctly [...]

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The Car Ride Home

The psychlogy of sport is fascinating, and a topic on which we only know the tip of the iceberg. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are topics that, even when researched and speculated about heavily, it seems that there is infinitely more to discover about the brain and how it operates. Perhaps even more fasinating than studying [...]

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Your Next 60 Minutes

Consider your athletes’ mental state when they enter the weight room. An athlete’s mental state is of utmost importance when it comes time to work. A strength training session is only 60 to 75 minutes long. It is by no means too much to ask for all-out effort for that amount of time. Related Articles: [...]

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Tempo Training To Increase Your Bench Press Strength

The barbell bench press is one of the most practiced lifting movements, even individuals who have little to no interaction with a strength and conditioning setting still know about the bench press. The first question anyone asks when they see an athlete or gym goer is, “How much do you bench?” The bench has been [...]

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