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How Elite Sprinters Run Differently

It may seem like an obvious statement to say that "elite sprinters run differently than the rest of us", but in reality, many just assume that most poeple run the same, and the fastest people just have faster leg speed, longer strides, more force into the ground, etc. All of this may be true, and [...]

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Compliments To Youth Coaches

There are many coaches who desire to work with athletes at the highest level - whether NCAA, professional, Olympic, etc. - and many who achieve that dream. It is a special experience to be able to train, coach, work with these athletes and be part of a program that achieves great things, and it is [...]

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Benefits Of Proper Foot Placement During Sprinting

"Few people challenge the old adage of speed kills, however I think people claiming that you can’t teach speed are incorrect. Can you teach every person to run a 4.5 40? Absolutely not. Can you teach people to run faster? Yes, as a sport performance coach you should be able to improve acceleration, speed, and [...]

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Athlete Motivation

One of the long and hard thought questions of society is "What drives poeple?" Seemingly simple, yet one that can be thought about for generations and still not answered, and certainly not answered the exact same way for two people. It has long been generally accepted that motiviation, to some extent, must come from within [...]

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Make Power And Speed Relatable

Often times, as strength coaches, it seems the only way to measure progress in athletes is by lifting heavier weight, or doing more repetitions. These are the two age old ways to measure progression, and rightfully so, as they do prove that the a muscle or muscle group has the ability to produce more force [...]

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The Appropriate Squat Exercise

Today, everyone wants to know "what are the best exercises to be doing?" and while this is a broad question, it does need to be asked: what are the best exercises to be doing? This is obviously a trick question, as the answer is there is no perfect exercise, program, or anything for that matter [...]

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The Power Position In The 40

Mobility is a constant discussion in the strength field. How mobile do athletes need to be? Does too much mobility lead to joint instability? Will strength training help, or hurt mobility? Does stretching improve mobility? How many minutes should I spend stretching? How many minutes should we set aside for SMR or massage work? The [...]

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Coaching The Hang Clean

In an athletic world where speed and power reign supreme, everyone wants to know how to Olympic lift, because power development is key. Olympic lifts have even taken the fitness industry by storm with the rise of Crossfit and other similar companies and exercise fads. It has been around as an Olympic sport for decades [...]

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Three Components Needed To Decrease Your 40

Unteachable speed is a trait that most coaches desire to see in their athletes. Having an individual on your team who has blistering pace that they were genetically blessed with is rare, but welcome when it does occur. However, being able to help all athletes make small improvements in their speed may be even more [...]

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Breaking Down The Barbell Squat

Being able to master the hip hinge movement pattern is crucial for lifters. All three major lower body movements: deadlift, trap bar deadlift, and barbell squat, require an athlete to be able hip hinge if performed correctly. In the squat movement pattern many athletes hyperextend their low back instead of using their glutes and hip [...]

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