SMARTER Team Training’s programming has helped people at all ages and athletic levels including, middle school, high school, AAU, EYBL, club, collegiate, professional, international, World Cup, Olympic and Paralympic athletes in sports ranging from football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and more. Athletes making the transition from middle school to high school, high school to college, and college to the pros all need knowledgeable coaches around them to gain an edge entering their first training camp or competitive season. It is every rookie’s goal to make an immediate impact on a team. Veteran athletes may extend their careers through STT programs also. To find out how SMARTER Team Training began, read the STT Story.

Robert Taylor, Jr.

Founder and Owner

Coach Taylor is the founder and owner of SMARTER Team Training. STT has been developed to focus on athlete and team development, performance, and education since March 2009. SMARTER Team Training has been recognized as an Approved Continuing Education (CEU) Provider for the NSCA, BOC, NSPA, ACE, NFPT and CSCCa.

Ade Parkes

Performance Coach

For the past eleven years, Ade Parkes has been the Founder and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of Next Level Sports Performance (NLSP). During his time at NLSP, Coach Ade worked with youth to collegiate level athletes involved in soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and more, as well as the general population.

stu1Stu Singer

Mental Performance Coach

Stu Singer, PsyD (ABD) and M.Ed., comes to SMARTER Team Training with great experience as the sports psychology and mental performance coach for the WNBA’s Washington Mystics, University of Maryland Women’s Basketball team, Fordham University Women’s Basketball team, and the Connecticut Sun among others. Stu served an integral role in helping the University of Maryland Women’s basketball team reach back to back Final Fours in 2014 and 2015.

The seven phases of the STT program which make up the SMARTER acronym are: Speed, Movement, Agility, Reaction, Technology, Education, and Resistance.

Within these components we have developed both one-on-one training sessions and sport-appropriate programs which can be implemented into your practice and personal training sessions.

Incorporate SMARTER drills, exercises, educational programs, and team training techniques into your sessions to provide a unique opportunity to increase team and client camaraderie and cohesion.

  1. SPEED

    By enhancing running mechanics, stride frequency, and stride length, you can increase your speed potential. Form running drills, resisted speed training, treadmill training, and over speed training are all used in this Speed program to enhance acceleration, top end speed, and sport appropriate speed.


    Assessing how an athlete moves can help identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential imbalances which can limit athletic potential. By screening each athlete, we can help identify areas that need special attention in order to minimize the potential for injury and maximize the body’s efficiency. Using the Movement program, proper recommendations can be suggested to help increase the athletic potential of the athlete. Body weight exercises, numerous stretching techniques, and myofascial release are all useful tools that can help enhance an athlete’s movement competency.


    The Agility program is influenced by balance, coordination, and position of center of gravity when executing dynamic movements. The ability to change body position or direction of the body rapidly can be improved by practicing appropriately for a sport and also by improving the specific individual elements of speed, balance, power and coordination. This program is designed to teach, practice, and help master athletic movement patterns.


    The Reaction program is designed to enhance coordination, proprioception, and increase both hand-eye and foot-eye coordination of both dominant and non-dominant limbs. By incorporating the drills and exercises featured in the Reaction program, you will expose the athlete to the stresses of competition, and enhance the techniques used in various game situations while building team chemistry.


    Biomechanical feedback and video analysis make up the Technology program. This cutting edge program provides a competitive advantage. We monitor range of motion, power production, and bar velocity to provide live feedback to our athletes during training sessions. Using this biomechanical feedback we can help educate the athlete regarding deceleration, cutting, and landing techniques; all of which carry a high risk of injury not only in competition, but during training as well. And finally, game and practice video editing can help identify tendencies and strengths that will give your team the edge on game day.


    Educating athletes, coaches, trainers, and parents is a key component in the SMARTER training program. By providing educational opportunities in the form of presentations, DVD’s, coaches and players guides, podcasts, newsletters, and articles written by some of the top professionals within the industry from around the country, we can teach the SMARTER training components. The Education program has numerous learning opportunities focused around muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, performance flexibility, sports nutrition, body composition, and skill development to name just a few.


    The Resistance program promotes prudent, productive, purposeful, and practical strength training. This program focuses on the checkpoints of a properly performed repetition, training at the appropriate effort level for strength development, and monitoring consistent intensity from workout to workout. Each and every set is an exciting event to try to either increase the number of reps performed, increase the amount of weight used, or both.





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