Prepare your body for the rigors of the sport you play with the STT Performance Training Programs. Each training session focuses on providing individualized programming based on your goals and the demands of your sport. Programs are created to improve performance by building strength, speed and power, while also addressing commonly injured areas of the body that your sport predisposes you to.

Teams can begin training at any point of their season. There is no “best time” other than now. Greatness is a choice that is earned every day. Coach, if you are looking to improve the strength and speed of your team while building confidence and enhancing relationships, you will want to learn more about how your team can train with SMARTER Team Training below.


SMARTER Team Training’s programming has helped professional and international athletes in sports ranging from football, basketball, baseball, soccer and lacrosse. Athletes making the transition from college to the pros need knowledgeable coaches around them to gain an edge entering their first training camp or spring training. It is every rookie’s goal to make an immediate impact on a team. Veteran athletes may extend their careers through STT off-season training and injury prevention programs too. Learn more about STT’s sport-appropriate programs by clicking on your sport below.



These vigorous programs prepare athletes to get the most out of their bodies by increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility, leading to increased productivity at practice and on game day. Each sport-appropriate session is designed to develop a more comprehensive athlete that is prepared for the demands of competing at the collegiate level. Learn more about how SMARTER Team Training can help you prepare for the next level by clicking on the sport of your choice below.


SMARTER Team Training’s high school and youth performance training programs bring the same methodology and intensity used with STT’s collegiate program to support and prepare high school and youth athletes. Training programs for individuals and teams are available year-round to support your athlete in reaching their performance goals. These programs offer on-site preseason training camps, in-season program implementation, and off-season player development services.

With proven success supporting teams for entire league seasons at the collegiate, international, and professional levels, SMARTER Team Training has the knowledge to work alongside your team’s staff to best support your team’s performance goals. Click on the sport of your choice below to learn more information.

Sports have become a year-round endeavor from youth athletics to the professional ranks. Whether you are playing in rec leagues, trying to make varsity, preparing for your college season, or taking your skills to the highest level; strength and conditioning has become an essential component of your team’s comprehensive development. Stronger, faster, and healthier athletes can practice harder and longer. Increasing your intensity at practice improves fitness and skill acquisition when the environment has coaches who are knowledgeable, supportive, and encouraging.

SMARTER Team Training offers team training sessions, which can occur at either our facility or your practice. Teaching the lessons learned from competing and coaching at the highest levels, the STT programs offer a unique experience that is uplifting, challenging, and fun.

Training in a team environment can help players increase confidence, learn the value of relationships, and enhance an individual’s character; however, playing sports alone does not automatically build character. This must be taught through the athlete’s comprehensive preparation, practices, and games that emphasize fair play and sportsmanship. When an athlete is exposed to a challenging and caring environment, social, emotional, and psychological benefits for athletes can be enhanced. The life lessons that come from playing on a team are nearly endless, but include demonstrating discipline through purposeful training, appreciating teamwork, and learning how to be both a follower and leader as it relates to a healthy team dynamic.

Whether your team is making plans for the off-season or preparing for the upcoming big game, SMARTER Team Training can provide experienced coaching instruction and appropriate program design to help your team be prepared to play at their best. A comprehensive approach with STT from the first day of the season, through the demanding rigors when no one is watching, has helped athletes from all levels reach their goals and more.

Our custom training equipment and sport appropriate programming has proven results from the youth level through the professional and international ranks, giving our teams a competitive advantage. Coaches who are looking to gain an edge on their competition can contact SMARTER Team Training for more information on how to get started today.






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