Gymnastics has been a popular sport worldwide for decades, and is now one of the most watched Olympic sports. Training for gymnastics usually consumes 20-30 hours of an athlete’s week, sometimes more, putting a lot stress on the body. It is imperative that gymnasts strength train a minimum of once a week to maintain general physical fitness as a base on which to build all of their gymnastics specific skills and sport-appropriate strength.

STT’s Gymnastics Performance Training (GPT) program includes instruction to improve movement efficiency, flexibility, agility, power development, and strength. The athletes participating in the GPT program are closely supervised and attention is always paid to proper technique and safety. Each athlete’s workout can be modified to cater to their individual needs, as well as improve their competition preparedness.

Besides the benefits of getting stronger, faster, and in shape as a group, this program can also increase team unity. Numerous teams in the Baltimore/DMV area have taken advantage of STT’s Team Training Program and have had highly successful seasons. Learn more about STT’s Team Training options HERE.

GPT Weak Link Program
Whether you do recreational gymnastics once a week or competing for Olympic gold, you can get injured. STT’s Sport-Appropriate Weak Link program focuses on the following for gymnastics:
• Head, neck, and upper back
• Midsection and Low Back
• Ankle and Knee
• Hip and Groin

Athletes at all levels of gymnastics are looking to gain an edge at every competition. A well-designed and implemented physical development program can help a gymnast improve his or her strength, power, conditioning, flexibility and movement. It is imperative to train in-season as well as during the off-season. The GPT Athlete program is designed around one training session per week during the competitive season, and two to three days per week during the non-competitive season. Coaches, parents, and gymnasts can reserve training times and dates that are convenient on-line by CLICKING HERE.

GPT Scholastic Training Schedule*
In-Season (November to May): During the season, meets and hours upon hours of practice will place an incredible toll on the body. One strength training session a week will help maintain strength and conditioning, as well as help prepare the body for the demands of a meet or practices. Maintaining a gymnasts physical fitness at an appropriate level year-round is key to healing and recovering faster, and keeping the number of future injuries to a minimum.

Off-Season Training (June to October): After a long competition season, injury management is a crucial component of an athlete’s year long training cycle. Post-rehabilitation program development and implementation, as well as general physical preparedness programming, allow the athlete to heal and improve their mind and body. These exercises will help to continue strengthening weakened areas, while improving flexibility and mobility. Gymnasts often strength train twice a week during the off season.

*Collegiate and professional yearly calendar differs. Please contact Coach Taylor for more assistance.





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