Throughout an athlete’s career there are potentially going to be periods of time where they need to work around soreness, fatigue, and an injury. Developing a system that allows the athlete, or client, to “stay on track” with the rest of the team is helpful in the overall scope of what the program is trying to accomplish.

If someone cannot run, could they use a VersaClimber standing or seated, a bike, or even a pool workout? If someone cannot participate in practice, can they still get their film work done? If someone has one arm that hurts, can they still train the opposite arm and rest of their body? The question isn’t “What can I do?”, but more so really “What CAN I do?”

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During a long season, it is important to consider the amount of load each athlete is experiencing and the time needed to recover from every bout of exercise. A 120 lb athlete and a 200 lb athlete that go through identical practices will have different nutritional needs, hydration requirements, potentially longer sleep, and even more days in between hard training sessions. Consider how you can implement a program that encourages high intensity, but less impact on the joints.

Check out this video featuring Ted Rath, Assistant Strength Coach of the Miami Dolphins, as he shares a few techniques to work around an A/C sprain or shoulder injury with a twist on a traditional HIIT training session.

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