Internships have always been a crucial aspect of being successful in the workforce, no matter the field an individual is getting into. While obtaining a high level education at a college or university and earning a degree, or multiple degrees, in the field is important… there is no parallel to gaining experience by doing an internship or a similar program. There is only so much that can be learned in the classroom, and learning in the environment in which one will be working is the best way to aquire necessary knowledge and skills. Many employers today are looking for potential hires to have real world experience in multiple different arenas, and not just degrees or a fancy resume.

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On the other side of the spectrum, there are environments where interns are depended on – such as a college or university team. In a program where there are potentially hundreds of athletes that need to train regularly, and a paid strength and conditioning staff can only do so much, interns are an incredibly useful addition to the team. The question for head stregnth coaches, coaches, or even small business owners then becomes “How do I create an internship that is helpful to me but also useful and impactful to the interns?” Coach Taylor has had hundreds of interns work under him at the collegiate and professional levels, as well as in the private sector since founding SMARTER Team Training. He was also an intern under some of the best strength coaches in the country, before he became a successful professional in the field. With all his knowledge and experience, Coach Taylor would ask one question of those looking to create a successful internship program: “What do the interns do when there is nothing to do?” Hopefully business is busy enough that there are clients, practices, training sessions, or team meetings that interns can be a part of and learn from. However, there is always going to be some level of down time, and when that hits, how will your interns learn and better themselves in the field? Your answer to this question will determine how successful those who intern under you will be, and how much they get out of your internship experience. In addition, having an internship program that positively impacts people will expand your professional network and can give you more connections down the road.

There are many answers to the question posed above. They will likely spend most of their time training teams, learning new exercises and how to spot them, moving weights, cleaning facilities, etc. When all of the main tasks of the job are done, and the smaller, tedious tasks as well, there needs to be options for learning and growth. Reading research articles, conducting research, reading and ghost writing books, watching and creating instructional videos, writing and developing blog articles, meetings with other professionals in the field, and visiting other sites are but a few of the countless options for interns to learn more about what the area of the field they want to pursue. A good business owner, head coach or internship director will have opportunities lined up before the interns arrive, and all that is left is for the intern to grab hold of each opportunity.

Watch Coach Taylor talk about the positive culture that needs to surround your educational program below.:

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