This week on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and Spreaker, STT interviews Dr. Gene Coleman. Gene has 46 years of university teaching experience including: 1) Assistant Professor and Director of the Exercise Physiology Lab at Eastern Kentucky University; 2) Associate Professor at Texas Tech University; 3) Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at Austin; and 4) Professor and Chair of Health and Exercise Science at the University of Houston – Clear Lake. Gene has 40 years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach including: 1) Three years as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Basketball at Texas; 2) 36 years as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Houston Astros; and 3) 2 years as Strength and Conditioning Consultant for the Texas Rangers. Dr. Coleman also served as a Visiting Scientist at NASA-Johnson Space Center for 10 years working on the musculoskeletal evaluation team for Astronaut Selection. He has had several NASA grants including grants to evaluate in-flight exercise equipment, writing the Astronaut Training Manual and developing fitness programs for flight controllers. He was the first of two strength and conditioning coaches employed by MLB, the first strength and conditioning coach to work for two MLB teams in the same season (Astros and Rangers). He published the first scientific studies on physiological profiles and training responses among MLB players. He has published over 50 research articles, one book (52-Week Baseball Training), was the first recipient of the Nolan Ryan Award as the MLB Strength Coach of the Year (2004) and the first strength coach to be selected to the MLB All-Star Game staff (2012). He received the NSCA Boyd Epley Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2013.

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