When you work for something, put your blood, sweat, and tears, into a sport or project, it is more meaningful to you than something that is just given to you. At the end of the game in the final minutes how hard are you willing to fight? When it’s fourth and one and the game is on the line, do you have your mind right? It is overtime in wrestling and have nothing left in the tank but you still have to dig down and find a way to win. How do you get your athletes to develop that type of mentality?

During the off season an athlete has busted his/her butt in the weight room, don’t you think they might give a more effort when their season is on the line? Why? Because that person earned it. They invested their time and effort into becoming better. As a coach you need to instill in your athletes that nothing is given to you, everything is earned. Whatever you put into it is what you get out.

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The weight room is the ideal place for this lesson to be learned. Where else can you see the fruits of your labor come together in such a clear way? It is extremely gratifying to see after a period of time the changes in the weight or in the appearance of the athlete. Not only physically but, as we are talking about right now, mentally. Developing the mindset of no matter what, I will fight and dig until the end because I have earned the “right” to win.

Watch this video as Ron McKeefery explains this principal using the concept of earning your “5 dollars”.

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