We have all been touched by tragedy in some shape or form throughout our lives. With the recent events that have occurred in Oklahoma, I wanted to use SMARTER Team Training, and STT Nation, as a platform to reach out to fitness and medical professionals that read the articles I share to ask for help. My girlfriend, who many of you have met at presentations that I have done around the country, STT clinics and conferences, and even in some of the archived videos on YouTube, is helping to organize a medical scrub collection to donate to health professionals in Oklahoma. Our goal is to be able to send over 100 sets of full scrubs by June 17.

Please email me at coachtaylor@smarterteamtraining.com for more information and if you can send medical scrubs or know someone who is willing to donate to the nurses and medical professionals who have lost so much in Oklahoma.

Let me say, “THANK YOU!” as this is a cause that is close to those who are around me daily. Both Chrissy and I appreciate your help spreading the word about this opportunity to give back to people who need our help.