This week on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and Spreaker, STT interviews Fred Koch. Fred is a gym owner, trainer, former “Ironman” magazine columnist, creator of the Ironman Training System, author of Applied Futuristics – Strength Training for Sports, coauthor of Killer Abs – The New Science of Ab Training, former strength coach of the Norwegian Biathlon A-teams, and inventor of the AbMat®. With over 30 years of training experience- having worked with many of Norway’s top professional and amateur athletes, including Ole Einar Bjorndalen – Fred has developed a wealth of knowledge that has been directly applicable to training for bodybuilders, amateur and professional athletes, first responders, and even the United States Navy SEALs. Over the years, he has written over 100 articles that have appeared in such magazines as ”Ironman”, ”Muscle & Fitness”, ”Muscular”, ”Musclemag”, and ”Natural Bodybuilding”. He now co-owns the Bear Cave Trenningsenter in Norway and serves as the International Director for the Tudor Bompa Institute, the world’s foremost periodization-based training program.

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