“Take care of the big things, and focus on the small things. All things matter!” was written on my office dry erase board for years. I believe that there are a lot of people who do the “big things” well either in the weight room, at practice, or perhaps in business and in life generally. But the truly successful people that I have come across realize that in order to separate themselves from the pack they had to focus on not just doing the things that others would not, but doing them extremely well.

If you are around athletics, you will hear coaches telling their players “Let’s be brilliant at the basics.” And in their next breathe they talk about gaining an edge. The basics are the “big things”, but the “edge” comes from doing as many small things better than anyone else in the country.

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It is in our nature to search for an advantage as a competitive person. How we sleep gives us an edge. How we hydrate gives us an edge. How we eat and nourish the body as a whole gives us an edge. How we manage stress, internal and external, gives us an edge. How we prepare our minds for practice and games can give us an edge. How we respond or react to both success and adversity can give us an edge. How quickly we can refocus on the next task at hand can give us an edge. And we have not even touched on anything in the weight room, fitness programming, or even skill development yet.

If you are a young athlete looking to get seen by coaches, or a veteran that is trying to extend their career by a few games or seasons, be sure to track how well you do the little things. Practice each day to be the best teammate that you would want on your team. Would you want your teammates to eat well, hydrate more often, and sleep better each and every day? Do you think that your teammates should expect the same of you?

Patrick Estes, from PE Training Systems, touched on a few 1% difference makers during a presentation at the #10thSCADConf this past July. Have you ever considered how dark your room is? Even the sounds that come into your room at night? Watch this video below to see one that had all of the attendees taking notes. We bet that you never talked to your clients or athletes about this either. We do now at STT because we care about every little thing. It gives our community of athletes a competitive advantage.

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