This week on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and Spreaker, STT interviews the people behind the Pit Shark strength training equipment. Rick and Janie Hoole are the owners of Beachside Fitness Equipment, Inc. located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Their company was started in early 2007 after “out of necessity” Rick designed 2 unique pieces of equipment to use in his own gym and realized others would like these, as well. It evolved into two product lines and a number of patents on his designs; the DeadZone Ramps and the Pit Shark line of products. Rick has been a weightlifter for over 40 years and his products are his own design and reflect Rick’s years of experience and expertise in weight training. Rick is the one mainly involved with product design and together Rick and Janie oversee the manufacturing and day to day challenges of their company. From the beginning till today as the Pit Shark line of strength equipment continues to grow, the focus has always been on making equipment that removes spinal compression and keeps the weight load underneath the lifter. Pit Shark equipment is known for de-loading the spine and built-in safety while doing some of the most important foundation strength movements used in strength training at any level. Everybody deserves the same quality of equipment and safety, whether its in a top facility or the home gym. Pit Shark and DeadZone Ramps customers include NFL, MLB, NBA, collegiate, law enforcement, military, rehab facilities, high schools, commercial and private gyms, performance fitness centers, as well as, many home gyms. When Rick’s not training in his own gym, he’s on-the-road doing Pit Shark demos and talking with coaches and those who also share a love for weight training. Whether it’s working with a group of athletes in a training center or those hard core guys training in their garages, it’s great to hear how the equipment has added such variety to their training. Rick and Janie always look forward to talking with customers and potential customers to provide any information needed or answer any questions they may have.

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