[tubepress video=”xdANtab8PE0″] WOW!  What a weekend.  Sincerely thank you to everyone who was involved and participated in the 2009 SC/AD Conference sponsored by Polar.  The second year in a row with over 170 in attendance is phenomenal considering the economy and other obstacles that are present in our lives today.  Many thanks to my staff, interns, and Loyola’s support and efforts.  I especially tip my cap to the Events Staff.  Great job everyone.  I already am thinking about how to make the 2010 event even better.  Block off July 23 and 24 on your calendars now!  Next year we are taking this event to a whole new level.

Check out what people said about the conference below.  I enjoyed meeting everyone.  Thank you for the kind words and for an awesome weekend experience.

I wish everyone the best.  I hope all is well.  Good luck this year!


“This is my second year attending this conference and I really enjoyed it.  Can’t wait for next year!”

“The attention to detail, helpful and friendly staff, and unexpected networking opportunity makes this conference rival events sponsored by much larger organizations.”

“The conference was great.  There was a lot of variety and personality.”

“Loved the information on the website.  Looking forward to keeping in touch on facebook or twitter.  I’m saving the date for the 4th annual conference already.”

“Good all around program. Learned a lot!”

Note: All quotes were unsolicited and anonymous.