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Let’s get on with it. Here are the details. You have until September 30, 2012 to answer correctly. When you leave a comment below that includes all correct answers to the following missions, you will then have the opportunity to be selected at random to win your choice of gifts. If you have any questions about this STT Contest, please email me.

STT Contest #8:

You must correctly answer the following questions in your comment on this page below. Remember you have to have your correct answers posted by September 30, 2012. The winner will be selected at random and MUST have responded correctly to all questions.

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Question #1 – True or False: Mankind has an inherent preference for sugary, salty and fatty foods, which contributes to the global obesity epidemic.

Question #2 – Which one of following statements about glycolysis and gluconeogenesis is correct?
A. All the reactions of glycolysis are freely reversible for gluconeogenesis.
B. Fructose cannot be used for gluconeogenesis in the liver because it cannot be phosphorylated to
fructose 6-phosphate.
C. Glycolysis can proceed in the absence of oxygen only if pyruvate is formed from lactate in
D. Red blood cells only metabolize glucose by anaerobic glycolysis (and the pentose phosphate
E. The reverse of glycolysis is the pathway for gluconeogenesis in skeletal muscle.

Question #3 – True or False: Optimum nutrition is a prerequisite for optimum health. It is, however, possible to be both over and under nourished at the same time.

Question #4 – The hormone that signals hunger from the stomach to the brain is:
A. GLP-1
B. Leptin
C. Neurotensin
D. Adiponectin
E. Ghrelin

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