Need a new twist on your team’s strength and conditioning sessions?  STT does offer speed camps, strength training, and team building sessions.  The best part?  We’ll come to you!

STT will also travel into the community to speak to multiple organizations.  These trips are conducted upon request and are tailored to the organizations individual needs.  Past topics discussed include:

  • Team Evaluation and Development
  • Sport Specific Program Design
  • Sport Appropriate Injury Prevention
  • Innovative Conditioning Techniques
  • Heart Rate Assessment and Analysis
  • Advanced Agility and Reaction Training
  • Speed Development and Assessment
  • Flexibility Training/Foam Roller Program

If you are in need of a motivational speaker or your teams need a fresh look at reaching their strength and conditioning goals, contact SMARTER Team Training today!  We’d be excited to make your team a SMARTER Team.