This morning STT was asked to speak about the strength and conditioning field to students from Kenwood High School’s Sports Academy.  The class consisted of ninth through twelfth graders who were successful in the classroom.  The presentation was focused on “Opportunity Is Always Knocking.”  We discussed thinking outside the box, on and off the field.  I was honored to be given the chance to influence those who will some day be making strides in this field.  It takes commitment and support to chase a dream.  Effort and a positive attitude is always a good equation for success.  Dream big Kenwood High!  Opportunity will knock soon.  I’ll bet you will be ready to see the hole in the fence that will allow you to jog out to that pitchers mound and make the crowd roar.  When the moment that defines greatness presents itself, remember that you are not alone.  When in the moment, take a deep breath and appreciate the numerous people that have helped you along your journey.  Take pride in where you have come from.  Have faith in the direction you are headed.  Good luck!  STT will be watching.