I finally took the time to sit back and watch STT’s new DVD release. The first disc in the “Training for Basketball” series features Michelle Rockwell and Alan Stein. Rockwell gave numerous tips, techniques, and visuals to keep sports nutrition fun and interesting. “Topics In Sports Nutrition, Sports Foods, & Dietary Supplements” can help with the area of your program often called the “missing link.”

The second presenter on this DVD, Alan Stein, demonstrates “Basketball On The Court.” Coach Stein’s upbeat workouts, creative drills, and instant intensity techniques will be useful at your next practice. I enjoyed the tennis ball drills, rope drills, core training, etc. The best part? All of these exercises can be done on the court and require minimal to no equipment.

I wish I had this DVD when I started in the industry. Funny to think what I could have done considering that I have been in the industry for over twelve years now and I still picked up a bunch of new drills. I wrote down twenty-two variations in addition to what I saw on this DVD that I may be sharing at this year’s events.

For more information on this, and all of the STT DVD‘s, check out the new STT Shop. Detailed information regarding each Football, Basketball, and Olympic Sports DVD can be found there also. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the productions after you get the chance to review the DVD’s.