Looking for ways to get your kids away from that TV?  How about teaching them something else that is entertaining and rewarding to boot.  With today’s busy lifestyles, families don’t always eat as healthfully as we would like.  Get the youth of our country involved with meal time.  Have them make several fruit and vegetable snacks that they can eat throughout the day.  Schedule a snack time and stick to it.  Space snacks at least two to three hours before a meal.  Kids can do more than just set the table.  Involve them in meal planning and preparation. Children often will eat foods they help plan and prepare.  The most important part, find a place to sit down together for at least one meal.  The dinner table has become the couch in far too many households.  How about taking a dinner vacation to the backyard?  The local park?  Or to the library?  Who knows maybe they’ll even learn a bit about you and their surroundings outside of what they saw on the Discovery channel.