Often we read or hear about new ab exercises or a piece of equipment that guarantees you a six pack without really exercising.  How about sticking to what works?  A throw back exercise if you will.  If you have not tried this one in awhile, you are missing out.  Begin the exercise lying on your back with one leg straight up in the air.  Yes, core work on your back.  Most people cannot flex particular muscle groups of their core in the beginning, so let’s start with the basics and reintroduce ourselves to our bodies.  Keep your hands together and extend your arms towards your foot/toe.  Pause in the contracted position and tap your foot.  Slowly return to starting position keeping constant tension on the abdominal region while eliminating momentum.  Repeat action on same leg for 12-20 reps without letting shoulder blades touch floor then switch to the opposite leg.  Try 1-2 sets to start.  As you gain strength, try holding a med ball to increase the effort level.