Why is it that you hear people saying “I need to stretch”, but when I watch personal training sessions or sit down to help plan a practice session the first thing they want to cut out because of time constraints is flexibility.  Very few sessions that I have witnessed whether in the athletic or private realms spend quality time stretching and going through legitimate range of motions to help improve flexibility or body awareness.  Try this easy stretch that your boss won’t realize you are doing at your desk, or your coach won’t know you are doing during film.  Take a tennis ball, pool cue ball, or golf ball and roll it on the bottom of your foot.  Beginners should start with the tennis ball and as you become more comfortable pick a harder round object.  You can even try standing on thick PVC pipe.  The four to six inch variety works best to loosen up the ankle as well as strengthen the small muscles of the foot.  Oh and yes, make sure you have a way to keep your balance when you inevitably put two feet on the PVC.