I’m sure we have all see the guy at the gym stuck on the bench press and the multiple variations of pressing movements.  Often times you notice that when he racks the weight or drops the dumbbells as loud and as hard as possible, that he quickly grabs his shoulder and makes a circular motion with his arm.  I’m sure that in his head he is thinking it is just “part of getting big”.  But for the rest of us that would like to think otherwise, try these exercises out.  These types of exercises are a must for throwing sports such as baseball and softball, hitting sports such as tennis and volleyball, and a definite must for swimmers.  Using 2-5 pounds of resistance lie on a bench on your stomach.  Start with your arm hanging straight down, pull shoulder blade back, extend arm away from body to shoulder height as if you were trying to make a “T”.  This exercise can be performed with palm down or thumb up for variation.  You can also do this in an “I” and “V”, but don’t limit yourself to just these three letters.