Protein ratio is the amount of actual bioavailable protein you are receiving from a serving of, in this case a protein shake, relative to the entire mass of the serving. Sound relatively straightforward, but it doesn’t take long to realize this can become a very complicated mess in just a few lines on a nutritional label.

Hypothetically let’s take two different proteins with two different labels. Protein #1 has a serving size of one 50 gram scoop, and on the label claims 25 grams of protein. Protein #2 has a serving size of one 34 gram scoop, 32 of which is WPC yielding 25 grams of protein. Protein #1 has a ratio of 50% protein, if the protein listed is the actual yield, not the total. While protein #2 has a ratio of 73.5% protein.

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If we take a further look at protein #1, assuming that the 25 grams listed is the yield and there is no amino spiking occurring, that means half of the scoop isn’t protein. It is either filler as excipients, or added sugar for flavoring.

My recommendation is to look for a label that has complete transparency. Ideally the label posts the total amount of protein, the actual bioavailable yield of the protein, and contains no proprietary blends. To hear more about protein ratios check out this video below with Mark Glazier, CEO of NutraBio.

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