Coaches evaluate players on the smallest things, how you react after a bad play to even how someone drinks from a water bottle. A lot of times an athlete shows up to a tryout and does their best to perform to their maximum potential when they know that they are under the microscope. What they are not told, however, is that the best coaches are watching them when they think the spot light has turned off.

Are you giving high fives and encouraging the people around you to work harder and give their best effort while standing on the sideline? Does your body language already look defeated before the first sprint has even taken place? Are you smiling and physically enjoying your time? Coaches are looking for the athlete who not only can deliver results on the field, but can be an energy-giver and positive influence off the field as well.

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That evaluation process does not end when the tryouts are said and done and you have made the team. In fact, that is when the true evaluation begins. There are a collection of people who contribute to the success of athletes, whether it is the head coach, assistant coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, physicians and many more. All of those people will have an opinion about not only the athlete in you, but also the person that you are. They will all formulate their opinions and those opinions will either help you or hurt you. If you are respectful and hardworking and demonstrate a positive attitude to everyone that you encounter, than it is very hard for a coach to not want to get you into the game or competition. Now is the time to ask yourself if you are doing everything you can to be the best version of yourself in the dark so that everyone can see you shine in the light.

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at the U.S. Naval Academy Bryan Miller asks what your body language is saying when you think no one is watching?

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