What you do between sets of bench press, squats, and deadlifts can have a huge impact on the outcome of your season. Making time to work on the often times neglected areas of the body can increase your overall strength, health, and time at practice. Make time to emphasize strengthening the muscles around the shoulder blade between sets of barbell shrugs in the Rogers Athletic Full Racks, between sets on the bench press, or even between sets of pull ups or pulldowns.

When focusing on the muscles that support and stabilize the scapula, be sure to change the angles of pull from overhead to horizontal to below shoulder level. Emphasize the retraction and protraction movements along with elevation and depression. Having a spotter or coach provide feedback about rotation is productive as the quality of movement should always remain the utmost of importance.

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Addressing these muscles at the beginning of a training session reinforces the importance of strengthening this area of the body. Coach these exercises with as much enthusiasm as typically seen with bench press, squatting, or the deadlift. Every rep matters in a successful program.

The Assistant AD/Director of Football Strength and Conditioning for the University of Maryland, Rick Court shares his shoulder/scap program from start to finish during the #10thSCADConf this past July. Watch the video below to learn the band protocols that are done between sets of barbell shrugs.

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