Protein has to be one of the most talked about supplements by athletes. “Which product is best?” has to be the #1 question that coaches get from individuals looking to up their nutrition game. Be sure to teach your athletes about the different kinds of proteins then can consume, and share with them how the body metabolizes each.

The body will metabolize different protein at differing rates. Therefore, there may be a benefit to utilizing the appropriate protein source throughout the day from morning, before and/or after training, and even before bed. Your body needs protein to grow and repair muscle. How often it needs to be ingested is still up for debate. But there is no debate that building muscle requires adequate protein consumption.

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Passionate About Full Supplement Facts Panel Disclosure

If your diet consists of steak and chicken already, or maybe you don’t eat meat products at all, protein drinks may still be a part of your overall daily preparation for training. Don’t rule out supplementation as it has many benefits beyond looking “cool” in the gym. Many people are constantly on the go, and can plan on having a protein shake for a snack instead of skipping a meal. Use the resources that are available to best prepare your body and mind to help you reach your goals.

Mark Glazier from NutraBio shares incredible insights into what to look for on a Supplement Facts Panel in the video below. It will help to know what you are putting in your body, when it should be used, and what to expect from the product you are purchasing.

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