As a student-athlete, a lot of people tend to forget the myriad of stressors that they are faced with on a daily basis. Whether it is high school or college, they have classes to attend, homework to complete, a GPA to worry about, certain demands from friends and family, nutrition and sleep needs to pay attention to, on top of all of the demands that come from coaches, practices and games or competitions. All of those factors can weigh on a young person just trying to do what makes them happy in life.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the plethora of demands pulling the athlete in a thousand different directions. Staying in a positive frame of mind and finding the right balance to all of the external factors is key in an athletes’ path to success. It is always a good start to try not to look at all of the factors at once. A good strategy is to simply focus on the task that is directly at hand and place all of the attention on that for the allotted period of time. After that task is complete, then it is a good idea to allow for a mental and physical rest period before shifting focus to the next demand on the list. Thinking about a future task while a present task is still at hand is a good way to soil the potential benefits that could have come from the original task.

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Care About Athletic Performance

As the famous saying goes, “Control your controllables” and do not waste your time worrying about all of the other things. In the attached video below, Coordinator of Sports Performance at Salisbury University Matthew Nein explains how to keep the general stresses of everyday life in perspective.

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