Change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same forever no matter how much we want it too. In some cases change is a good thing. Bumping up on the depth chart or a promotion at work, moving out of a bad situation to name a few examples. In other cases change can quite honestly be tough to handle, especially when it is unexpected. The uncertainty that change brings by uprooting yourself from the people and routines you are comfortable with can bring anxiety and make you question what the future holds. Here is some great advice and you have probably heard it before, control what you can control.

What does that mean? That means stop worrying about what you have no power over and worry about the things that you can control. In sports, do not worry about what the competition is doing, how much weight he/she is lifting; you have no control over that and are wasting your energy. Focus on your effort and how well you can execute this block, shot, play, rep, whatever it is.

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Now apply this mentality to life. Someone in your family becomes ill and you are asked to relocate for some reason, even smaller everyday things like you walk out of the house in the morning and see your vehicle has a flat tire. How you respond to unexpected situations can reveal the true character of a person…When you are down and out, as everybody is at some point in their life, who gets you back on track? The people who essentially “get you right” are the ones you need to surround yourself with. Those that make you better just by being around them.

Watch here as Gabe Harrington shares some stories that are not necessarily about strength training but real life change and the people that helped him get back on track on the video below.

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