When you are at the store shopping for your next tub of protein supplementation, do me a favor and don’t believe the hype! When I say hype, I mean all of those big and colorful words on the labels all around the tub. Words like “anti-catabolic!”, “fat burning!” and “metabolism-building” are solely used for the purpose of grabbing the eyes of the customer. If you are trying to remain biased and focused on what truly matters in your decision process, I would recommend simply ripping all of the parts of that label right off of the tub and zeroing in on that small white box that has to be on every supplement: the supplement facts panel.

The supplement facts panel or, on some products, the nutrition facts panel is the only part of the label that is regulated by the FDA and the contents of that little white box should dictate whether the product is good, bad, or simply unrecognizable. Once you have gotten this far and know to only focus on the facts panel, it is then time to learn what words and numbers are the good ones, and which ones are just plain garbage, or worse, lies.

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In the video below, CEO of Nutrabio Mark Glazier emphasizes what to specifically look for in order to determine the actual content in any supplement. Have you been putting quality products into your body or have you been succumbing to all of the hype?

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