Everyone always talks about being “in the moment”. As athletes it is critical that you are in the present state of mind for every play or possession and not focusing on what just happened or what could occur. Imagine for a moment that you are in the last 3 seconds of the championship basketball game, down by two points and you are on the foul line preparing to take two shots. In that moment, there should be nothing more on your mind besides the task at hand and getting that job done.

You could have had the worst game of your life before you were put on the line and have a total point score of zero for the game so far. You could have also had the best game of your life before that present moment and be the leading scorer. But in that moment, standing on the line with the basketball in your hands, neither of those situations matter. All of that is in the past and the game is now in your hands. At that point, which do you think is more beneficial: thinking about how well or poorly you have performed thus far or thinking about the ball in your hands and the basket in front of you?

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In the video below, Director and Performance Coach at WellPerformance Stuart Singer shares what it takes to have that “right now” state of mind.

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