The human body is amazing in the way it can adapt and overcome adversity, both mentally and physically. Every day people can choose to push their body to new limits and challenge themselves in ways that they never thought were possible before. Those same people can also make the choice to remain content with where they are and linger in a stagnant physical and mental state.

Once the individual makes the daily choice of whether or not they would like to challenge their mind and body to a new level of stress, or give in to fear of discomfort, then their body will adapt accordingly. The human body will adapt when it is exposed to the correct amount of stress.

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So now that we know for certain that the body will adapt to new challenges and external factors that it is not accustomed to, the choice lies in the hands of the individual of whether or not they would like to create a positive or negative adaptation.

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at the U.S. Naval Academy Bryan Miller points out that a lack of mobility will also hinder our ability to adapt. He goes on to challenge you to push yourself way past the limit so that you can adapt and become the best version of yourself.

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