The shoulder is the most moveable and unstable joint in the body. Being what is known as a “ball and socket” joint, the “ball”, or head of the humerus in the upper arm is actually larger than the socket, or glenoid cavity that holds it. This anatomical setup combined with the large range of motion makes the shoulder highly susceptible to injury.

In order to remain stable, it must be kept in place by muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Therefore, it is crucial that these soft tissues are strengthened to keep the shoulder strong, flexible, more coordinated, and conditioned to handle stress. Being that the shoulder is mainly held in place by the four rotator cuff muscles, it is very important that we train all four of them equally, as they all perform different functions.

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Without getting into the nitty gritty details, some of the muscles of the shoulder externally rotate the shoulder, while others internally rotate it. If we overwork one side, then we will end up having too much of internal or external rotation, making the shoulder even more susceptible to injury. With that being said, there is no excuse not to design a comprehensive shoulder program that attacks all areas of the shoulder in a deliberate and equal approach. All of the muscles, whether they are the major or minor ones, deserve attention.

Assistant Athletic Director and Strength and Conditioning Coach of Football for the University of Maryland Rick Court shares his complete shoulder health program for a two-day training split in the video below. After viewing, ask yourself what you may be missing.

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