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SMARTER Team Training is looking for individuals that are interested in sharing tips, techniques, drills and more. You will have the opportunity to share your expertise with STT Nation’s athletes, coaches, parents and fellow experts from around the world.

As a STT Content Contributor you will write articles about training, nutrition, skill development, research findings and other topics of interest to strength and conditioning coaches, sports performance professionals, athletic trainers, athletes, coaches and more. Your work will be published on and shared with thousands through the STT Newsletter and social media networks.

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What contributing means for YOU.

• Be featured on
• Confirm your reputation as an expert by sharing your tips, techniques and experiences with thousands in the industry
• Help coaches recommend safe, effective, purposeful and practical training, nutrition education, skill development and more

Who is STT looking for?

Individuals interested in contributing to must possess an ability to effectively communicate through the written word. Contributing authors must provide research when and where applicable. Individuals from the following fields will be considered for contributions*:

• Current or former professional, collegiate, elite high schools strength and conditioning coaches
• Fitness professionals, personal trainers and other private performance training experts
• Sports nutritionists and dieticians working with all levels from high school through the pros.
• Athletic trainers, physical therapists, and other sports health professionals
• Sport coaches with a background in skill development and position-specific drills and techniques for athletes of all ages and skill levels
• Military personnel with a background in team building, physical training and staff development

Suggested topics for STT contributors:

Team Building Exercises
Sport-appropriate drills
Sport-specific moves, dodges and skill development
Program design
Practice planning
Strength training
Conditioning exercises
Speed development and technique coaching
Agility and reaction training
Jump/landing mechanics
Weak link programming
Movement pattern education
Performance flexibility
Practice and game warm-ups
Sports nutrition and supplementation
Hydration plans
Recovery strategies
Sports psychology
Communication enhancement
Research articles

Read articles from current STT contributor here.

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Erik McKay: (Series Contributor)
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Sunir Jossan: (Article Contributor)
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Erik Schwager: (Article Contributor)
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Colin Quay: (Article Contributor)
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Brian Binkley: (Article Contributor)
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