Don’t be a pennywise and a pound foolish, and always choose quality over quantity. Not only are those good life mottos, but they apply to your protein as well. Whey protein has general qualities, whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate WPC, and knowing the quality you’re buying will dictate the quantity of protein you need to take.

Whey protein isolate, as stated by the USDA, must be at least 90% pure whey protein. Whey protein concentrate has five different commercially available levels: WPC 80, WPC 60, WPC 45, WPC 34, and WPC 25, with the number being the percentage of protein in the powder. Furthermore, companies are not required, in any way, to list which quantity of WPC they are using. So if a label simply reads whey protein concentrate, you don’t know if you are consuming WPC 80, or WPC 34, or a blend of several different qualities of WPC, unless you do some mathematical calculations to figure out what percent of each serving is protein.

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