[tubepress video=”fBnGtGCk_y4″] Squats are one of the most effective ways to tone the muscles in your legs and buttocks. However, many people make the mistake of doing squats on a regular basis using an incorrect technique. With the proper technique, you can gain the fantastic benefits that squats provide. In fact, performing squats correctly can actually improve the health of your knees and the rest of your body. It’s all in how you accomplish each squat that makes the difference.

When beginning squat exercises for the first time, do not use weights. Wait until you have the technique down well before challenging yourself further.

• Begin by standing with your feet shoulder length apart.

• With your feet planted firmly on the ground, make sure that your back is straight and that your head is facing forward.

• Lower your body slowly while bending your knees. Do this without leaning forward. You want to make sure that your knees do not extend beyond your toes. Continue lowering your body until you are in a seated position.

• After you have reached a seated position, slowly lift your body back up to its starting position.

• Repeat these steps 10 to 15 times. Start with two sets. As you advance, choose weights that you are comfortable with and work with those until you feel ready to add on additional weight. You can then increase weight size as well as the number of repetitions and sets.

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