Attention to detail is a quality coaches are looking for in players. When an athlete performs the little things right, coaches automatically make a mental note and think of him/her as invested and not just interested in becoming great. How you finish a set in the weight room is a great indicator of how focused an athlete is. You hear it all the time. It is not about how you start. It is all about how you finish.

Now let us take that concept and apply it to the weight room. Something that you can repetitively emphasize “finishing” the right way. At the end of each set make sure an athlete is in complete control of the rep, performing a 5-count on the way down making sure he/she is fully engaged in what they are doing. This not only maximizes the value of the exercise but is instilling the mentality of “finishing the right way” in everything they do. Hopefully after doing this for some time the concept of “finishing” becomes a habit and second nature, something that individual does not have to consciously think about doing because it is just the norm. When coaches can create that type of environment, special things begin to happen.

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Rick Court, Assistant AD and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Maryland, emphasizes this method. Watch the video below and see if your standards are up to his level.

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