When you work with athletes long enough you will find yourself having to train around injuries. The most common response an athlete gives you when they are “hurt” is that they just can’t train. Many athletic trainers, physical therapist, and even doctors and/or surgeons even shut down strength training during the rehabilitation of an injured area.

The time is now to think as if there is no box. If an athlete does unfortunately experience an injury, strength training the unaffected areas of the body can be vital to getting back on the field, court, or in the pool. A strength coach has the opportunity to show their skill set by developing a program that trains unilaterally, anterior or posterior side of the affected area, or even emphasizing the conditioning or strength of the muscles surrounding the joints above and below the affected area to allow the rehabilitation to continue without lagging due to imbalances or localized fitness concerns.

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Here are real life situations that are common when working with an athletic demographic:
#1 – When developing your off-season, in-season, or daily plan, do you have a system that can train the body without using the hands? Check out the Rogers Athletic Lat Combo Pull for back training options.
#2 – Training the lower body without loading through the spine? The Pit Shark Belt Squat will change how you think about leg day.
#3 – Can you train the hips, low back, and hamstrings without a squatting motion? The Rogers Athletic Reverse Glute Ham is a good place to start.
#4 – How do you work around shoulder discomfort the day after a pitcher pitches? Maybe a quick session in the RecoveryPump Arm sleeve.
#5 – Are you able to address fitness without sprinting, running, or even burps? Spend some time on a VersaClimber.

A rolled ankle or broken foot are injuries that we need to be able to work around. Rolling an ankle can have a day-to-day programming option that works around pain as the joint heals. Having the wherewithal to work around a broken ankle and help an athlete return to play stronger and fitter takes a true professional at their craft

Learning what has worked for others is always invaluable. Seeing it first hand is priceless. Learn from incredible professionals from around the country at the professional development clinics and our annual conference on STTEvents.com. Watch this quick vid from the #10thSCADConf below to see how Ted Rath of the Miami Dolphins works around an ankle injury:

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