[tubepress video=”1m0EVo3_jek”] Breaking down speed mechanics and incorporating them into a regular warm-up to focus on good running form is crucial to speed development. Taking time to explain “how to run” is just as important, if not more so, as practicing “running fast.” Far too often I am asked what we do for “speed” and they want to hear about sled training, band training, over speed training, etc. Way before those “tricks of speed” can be introducing into a speed program, proper mechanics need to be taught and adequate strength, flexibility, and skill development need to be worked on consistently. Do not be too critical about form as long as the basics are emphasized. Most “speed gurus” talk about elbows, hands, knees, leg drive, etc. and never take into account that most athletes have to be able to run at full speed with a ball at their feet, a stick in their hand, or an opponent on their hip.

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