[tubepress video=”LARCSgSgh08″] Tired of those boring, old jog for 20 minute workouts to check off the “cardio” box in your head? Intense interval training will decrease your workout time and increase the results. Track your workouts by using a heart rate monitor too. Be sure to hold on to the side rails when getting on and off a moving treadmill. By using speed, incline, and time variables you can train the body for an increase anaerobic capacity which will take your “cardio” to another level. Treat your conditioning like your strength training and make small progressions each day. It is amazing what adding 5, 10, or 20 seconds per sprint each workout can add up to in a month’s worth of fitness sessions. Try adding 2, 4, or 6 degrees of incline to push you through that fitness ceiling you never thought you could bust.

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