STT’s Football DVD #2 – Conference SeriesAfter a busy week, which I will fill everyone in on later this coming week, I sat down and wanted to regroup a bit. I wanted to be a STT fan and popped in the Training for Football – Conference Series: Disc Two. I enjoyed hearing Coach Gittleson’s and Coach Merlino’s presentations again. Mike Gittleson has been in the strength game for over 30 years. As the former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Michigan, Mike has unmatched knowledge of what it takes to be successful in many facets of this field. Yes, I have been at his house and you may be shocked to see forearm/grip equipment in many areas of his house. This will not surprise you after you get to sit down with him and just “talk shop.” I am certain that you will be intrigued by the depth and thought provoking ideas that Coach is willing to share. His passion, as touched on at the SC/AD Michigan clinic clip, for neck training and concussion education is commendable and we need to listen to his message. Hopefully his passion for protecting the athletes that we cheer for every day will be heard. Gittleson’s presentation on this DVD will be an instant resource for anyone interested in strength training. I look forward to seeing Coach Gittleson’s new presentation at this year’s 4th Annual SC/AD Conference in Baltimore, MD on July 23 and 24.

Coach Merlino and I have known each other for years. It is great to see how far he has come as a professional. His sense of humor will have you laughing instantly and his knowledge of training will have you talking for quite some time. I am sure that Jay enjoys every second of his experience with the Philadelphia Eagles as you can see in this presentation. Merlino describes the Eagles off-season approach in detail while sharing some stories that add a personal touch. Jay’s enthusiasm to teach what is often overlooked in a way that everyone can relate to makes this presentation fun to watch and share. I am looking forward to having Coach Merlino back at future STT events.

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