What happened to tumbling in gym class, teaching the forward roll, or even how to fall and get up quickly?  Incorporate drills that teach athletes how to jump, land, fall, and get up efficiently and safely.  This agility drill is also hard on the cardiovascular system.  Make sure you are ready for this challenge.  This one isn’t for the weak at heart.  How tough are you?  Begin this drill on your belly six yards from an eight foot high object.  Try a soccer crossbar and the six yard box for example.  Get up as quickly as possible, touch the cross bar, and get back on your belly with your entire body behind the six yard line.  This counts as one rep.  If you aspire to be a pro, your goal is 12 or more, college level is 10+, and high school athletes should be able to complete more than 8 good touches in less than one minute.  Begin by completing 4 sets.  To increase the fitness component, rest two minutes between sets.  If you can get more than the goal reps each set, back up to eight yards.