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Dr. Darren Burgess: A STT Exclusive

This week on iTunes, Stitcher and Spreaker, STT interviews a coach who has traveled the world chasing his passion. Dr. Darren Burgess is Currently High Performance Manager at Port Adelaide Football Club. Darren was appointed to this role in October 2012. Prior to this Darren was Head of Fitness and Conditioning at Liverpool Football Club, [...]

Nick Winkelman: A STT Exclusive

This week on iTunes, Stitcher and Spreaker, STT interviews a young coach making a big time impact on the coaching field. Nick Winkelman is the Director of Training Systems and Education for Athletes' Performance located in Phoenix, Arizona. Nick oversees the Performance Education department which delivers a 4-Phase Mentorship program to over 500 participants a [...]

Ben Yauss: A STT Exclusive

This week on iTunes, Stitcher and Spreaker, STT interviews a MLS coach who has had big results. Ben Yauss is the Strength and Conditioning coach for the LA Galaxy and Athletes Performance. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Yauss joined the Galaxy prior to the start of the 2009 season after working for the previous two [...]

Technical Or Old School, But Effective…

Understanding what your body is doing when you run is important to increasing speed and demonstrating the hard work you put in to develop your conditioning. Many sports are played with a ball at your feet or in your hand, the need to push off of, block, or stay in contact with an opponent, or [...]

You Design Your Program

When you look at all of the things your coach tells you that you need to improve on to help the team next year, you may be overwhelmed. Even coaches struggle with where to fit it all in. Developing athletes and teams takes patience and persistence. Two qualities successful athletes, coaches, and programs hold in [...]

Add To Your Football Conditioning NOW!

I am sure by now that you have received your “secret” summer football conditioning manuals. Let me guess it is filled with workouts like 300-yard shuttles, 110-yard sprints, “Gassers" and repeat 40’s? Yes, these drills make up the “meat and potatoes” of just about every summer football-conditioning program. But, let’s make your summer football-conditioning program [...]

Women’s Lacrosse Wall Ball Drill

The game of women’s lacrosse takes an immense amount of skill to catch, throw and cradle the ball while moving a full speed. A wall ball program can help you be more confident when you need to thread the needle for the game winning feed. Develop both your left and right hand to make sure [...]

Think About Your Warm-­Up

Think about the time you spend warming up. Focus on being at practice, not thinking about friends, parties or other distractions. You will often hear coaches say, “Get your mind right. Right here!” The second paragraph of every summer workout plan that I have developed has the following reminder: “Before starting any workout, please remember [...]

Sports Nutrition And Hydration: As Important As Practice

What you eat plays a significant role in achieving your athletic goals. You can control what you put in your body. Unfortunately though many athletes are not fully aware of what they are consuming and how it affects the body. The most important thing you should know about nutrition is that there are no miracles. [...]

Character and Conditioning: Stepping Up To The College Level

Are you ready to step on campus? Think you have what it takes to compete at the Division I level? What does it take to get there? What do I need to do to be prepared on the first day of practice? These questions, and many others, generally go through every athlete’s head at one [...]