Think about the time you spend warming up. Focus on being at practice, not thinking about friends, parties or other distractions. You will often hear coaches say, “Get your mind right. Right here!”

The second paragraph of every summer workout plan that I have developed has the following reminder:

“Before starting any workout, please remember to warm up and stretch properly. Incorporate speed drills into your warm up to help master the skills associated with proper running mechanics. A good warm up should last between five to ten minutes with the goal of increasing your internal, core body temperature. This increase in core temperature is normally defined when a substantial sweat is achieved.”

The warm-­up is an important part of any workout. It can set the tone for the session. It can also detract from the time that should productive. Ten to fifteen minutes each day can add up big time over the course of a season. Make good use of the time you have to take care of your body.

The following exercises are designed to prepare the body for the specific movements an athlete will perform in their workouts. The exercises should be completed one right after another and treated as a circuit. Heart rate will increase and a sweat will be noticed when done correctly.

Jumping Jacks 20 reps
Body Weight Squat 10 reps
High Knee Pulls 5 reps each leg
Single Leg Squat 5 reps each leg
Front Lunges 5 reps each side
Single Leg Toe Touch 5 reps each leg
Side Lunges 5 reps each side
Push Ups with Rotation 5 reps each side
Prone Back Extension 10 reps