I’ll bet you were sitting on the couch this weekend watching the game on TV and your friend said “Anyone can do that!”  Well the challenge has been made.  Get outside and try this agility workout today.  Set up four cones in a “T” pattern. The vertical aspect of the “T” is ten yards.  The horizontal aspect is also ten yards with an additional cone in the middle.  Start this drill at the bottom of the “T”.  Sprint to the middle cone at the top of the “T” and touch the base of the cone with your right hand.  They then turn left and defensive slides sideways to the next cone.  Touch the base with your left hand.  Defensive slides to the far right cone, and touch the base with your right hand.  Then defensive slides back to the middle cone at the top of the “T”, touching it with your left hand, and backpedal past the starting cone.  Compare your times to these…Male times: <9.5 seconds rare, <10.5 average, and >11.5 poor.  Female times: <10.5 rare, <11.5 average, and >12.5 poor.  Now really, can anyone do that?