When an athlete sustains an injury, an athletic trainer, physician, coach, parent and many other people may all be trying to give them a separate set of instructions or advisories. Some may say to take off completely. Others might tell them to keep their mouths shut, suck it up and eventually the pain will go away. Although every case is different, the right answer is generally that the athlete can still be taking steps to better themselves even when they sustain an injury.

If an athlete twists their ankle, for example, the other 95% of their body is still completely healthy and giving the entire body a break simply because the ankle cannot perform 100% is doing the rest of the body a disservice. In strength training in particular, there is no reason in this example that the athlete cannot go through an entire workout as usual. The only modifications that would need to be made would be anything relating to stress on the ankle.

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Manual resistance is an effective training method that really allows a coach to dictate the pace and resistance of the exercise, while also controlling the position of the injured area. There are dozens of variations of manual resistance out there for a wide range of injuries and none of those involve letting the athlete get away with an off day when most of their body is perfectly ready to endure physical stress. In the attached video, Ted Rath of the Miami Dolphins demonstrates how to use manual resistance methods when training around injuries. Are you letting your athletes off the hook too easily?

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