We need more positive energy around us every day. As athletes, as corporate employees, as business owners, and as children and significant others. We all possess the ability to lift others up, to have contagious enthusiasm, and to help others achieve greatness along our own path to our version of the same destination. The impact you have on others says a lot about the legacy you leave behind in life and beyond.

Can our goal of winning championships change or be redirected to be a goal of helping to develop championship people? There may only be one group of people or even a single person who lift the big prize, the heavy trophy, or gets the medal; but along that journey can we teach, encourage, and share our passion as we pursue our own interests?

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Take a second in your work meeting today, or as the coaches huddle up the players to talk before or after practice, and really look at how many people are making eye contact with the person speaking. Observe how many people have a body language that is engaging and interested.

The best speakers, coaches, business owners, managers, and parents are constantly looking for ways to improve their verbal and non-verbal communication, they are always looking for ways to remain intriguing, and their number one goal should be to see others achieve a level that wasn’t able to be attained without inspiration, direction, and encouragement.

Today write down all of the people that you haven’t spoken to for five minutes in the past two days that are on your team or work for you. Now make five minutes to meet with each of them. Ironically, we spend 90% of our time as coaches or supervisors with the 10% of people who create 90% of the problems on our teams or in our office. Successful leaders make time to encourage what they want to see. Begin to spend more time acknowledging those that are on the path that you want to see in the classroom, the war room, or athletic field.

Watch the video below as Ron McKeefery shares how he took his drive to be a NFL quarterback and turned himself into a coach that helps his players achieve greatness.

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