“Roll With The Punches” is something you have heard since you were born. Unexpected things happen every single day. In life, situations do not always go your way. In sports, you lose your first match in a tournament, an injury happens to the starter in front of you and now it is your turn to step up. Your ability to adapt and adjust dictates a large role in the outcome of that situation.

The ability to change on the fly is a key characteristic in successful athletes and successful people in general. You can game plan all you like but the reality of it is that nothing ever goes as planned. So how do you as an athlete or a coach become better at adapting to situations? The first thing that comes to my mind is preparing for different situations so that when things do not go as planned, which they often do not you will not go into a panic mode and have a plan for whatever comes your way.

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Now let us take adaptation to a more specific aspect, the weight room. There is no such thing as a perfect program. No magic formula that creates amazing athletes. Every athlete is different and so being able to adapt training to fit their needs is critical. Not to mention adapting to the facilities and equipment that you have access to. What happens when an athlete did not sleep well at all or is fatigued from practice or a game but you have already planned out the days workout? Are you able to adjust to give him/her a workout that will maximize their time while still having a safe environment, or do you just stick to the plan and make them gut it out no matter the consequences.

Learn from Bryan Miller, Assistant Strength Coach for Football at the U.S. Naval Academy, as he discusses how important adapting is as a college athlete on the video below.

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